Is it time for you to rewire your thinking, rediscover your joy, reconnect with your village, rewrite your motherhood experience and finally make sense of your life?

Then join The Motherboard:

A 12 month POWERFUL journey for mums ready to STOP endlessly waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel and to start remembering that


I want you to know that this isn't your average info page

 This is a rallying cry. A call to arms. A love letter, from my heart to yours.   


Because I see you.

I see the real you... not the good girl version of you hiding behind all that people pleasing & perfectionism.

I’m talking to the parts of you that used to dance and laugh and sing and create but that got lost and buried somewhere along the line.

I'm talking to the part of you who knows that even though your life looks pretty good on the outside it doesn't quite feel that way on the inside.

The part of you who doesn't know how to admit that you're struggling right now, even though you've done all the things and 'should' know better and have your shit more together by now

…and who knows deep down she’s no longer willing to settle for anything less than exactly what YOU want. 

...and I invite her to take the lead now.


But before you go any further I should warn you that The Motherboard is not for you if…

  • There’s nothing in your life you want to change, your life feels exactly how you want it to in all areas
  • You already have all the tools, support and resources to live the life you want right now

  • You're showing up exactly how you want to with everyone and everywhere

  • You don’t believe your needs deserve to be met alongside everybody else's and you’re happy serving your kids/partner/friends/work/literally everybody else before yourself

  • You’re not willing to consider doing things differently or taking leaps into the unknown

  • You’re not ready to invest time, energy or money in yourself, your growth, your life or relationships

  • Change feels like too much hard work (and you have enough of that already) and you’re not sure you’re worth it or even want it 

But if you find yourself nodding along to the following, then you ARE in the right place...

  • You want to look back on your life and think YES I enJOYed that, rather than regret having simply endured it
  • You'd love to cultivate the courage it takes to mother the f*ck up and live your life true to YOU rather than the life everyone else expects of you
  • You’d love to feel safe to FEEL your feelings AND express them rather than squashing them down, worrying about drowning in them, or upsetting and inconveniencing anyone else
  • You’re ready to let yourself be happier AND to remember what that would even look or feel like for you
  • You want to model for your children how to prioritise their own needs, take care of themselves, stand up and speak out for themselves and feel safe asking for help, by first of all learning how to do it for yourself
  • You desire comfortable, safe and open relationships with your partner, parents, friends and little ones instead of walking on eggshells or lashing out and losing it when things get heated
  • You’d love to give yourself permission to create time and space to slow the f*ck down and rest, relax and indulge in your own pleasure without feeling selfish, lazy or guilty
  • You want to be held in a judgement and shame free community to explore all of this safely instead of having it explode all over your nearest and dearest when the pressure finally gets too much



And if all that resonates, then I have a juicy AF vision for you, a year from now:

Imagine the scene: 

  • You spend the day making quick, confident decisions about your children, your work, what to have for dinner and how to spend your newly curated ‘me’ time instead of second guessing, doubting and shaming yourself all day for everything you said, did, texted or thought
  • You look in the mirror and like what you see... a powerful, in control and full of potential, grown-ass woman, rather than the scared, silly little girl you always used to feel like…and even better? You let the rest of the world see that side of you too
  • When an argument brews, you calmly stand back and observe, knowing that none of this is your fault and it’s not your job to fix it, no matter what you learned as a child to the contrary.  You notice that all that anxious tension in your tummy and your chest has gone
  • Your small person is struggling with massive feelings and melting down as you’re trying to leave the house, and YOU are their port in the storm, staying calm and open (instead of spiralling out of control and losing your sh*t in the process) 
  • Your family is pressuring you to behave in a way that doesn’t feel right, so you say ‘no’ and you hold your boundary because you finally realise that being true to yourself (and modelling that for your own little ones) is much more important than trying not to upset them
  • All your relationships feel balanced and easeful.  You’re comfortable being vulnerable and aren’t afraid to have the stickier conversations now you feel so much more confident and sure of what you want from life
  • You have somewhere to work through all the confusing, conflicting feelings you have as a mother, full of other mothers who understand, amongst whom you feel safe to practice being who all that you are, and who see, hear and unconditionally accept you as who you are becoming


Yes, I know, I can hear what you're thinking...


Are you mad!? I don’t have time for anything else once I’ve finished juggling the children and work, written eleventy billion ECHPs & SEND referral forms and fended off endless abusive emails from the ex.  It’s just not the right time for me.

I’ve enrolled on umpteen parenting courses and bought a billion self help books but nothing actually changes.

It’s not that bad anyway, motherhood is hard right so what’s the problem? Like my mum always said, it’s just the way it is, so I’ll just have to suck it up and get on with it.

I’m actually fine…I have everything I always wanted, everything is going well and life looks pretty good (well, on the outside, on the inside I'm struggling, I can feel a niggling sense of dis-ease and discontent deep down inside but I don’t know what it is or what to do about it and really I should just be happy).

Yup, I hear you, and you’d be absolutely forgiven for thinking ALL of that.

That’s exactly what I used to think too…until I realised that books don’t work by osmosis and it doesn’t matter how many parenting courses I do, if I can’t look after myself properly how the hell do I have the resources to look after anyone else!?

And as impossible as that ‘way forward’ might seem to you now, I know it’s possible, because I’ve been right where you are

A few years ago I felt trapped in a life that looked amazing on the outside, but inside? Not so much. 

I had all the same struggles as every other mother out there…I was obsessed with why my son wouldn't sleep, with trying to be the best mother I could be, juggling all these confusing feelings of rage followed by guilt and shame, all the while feeling invisible even to myself.  I totally lost myself in it all…way WAY beyond the baby years.

I wasn't looking after myself, eating well, moving my body, doing any of the things I used to enjoy and I blamed it all on motherhood and all its trappings.

I let it all rob me of my power, my agency, my sovereignty and my joy...even though I also recognised that my son was now the greatest source of joy in my life. Oh the ridiculous dichotomies of motherhood!

But it was more than that.  I noticed that, even though I’m an intelligent, strong, often opinionated, stubborn ass woman, during pregnancy and early motherhood I often found myself,  my views, my words, my wishes and my feelings being totally infantilised, dismissed, silenced and ignored…by doctors, teachers, so called ‘experts’, even my own family.

So much so that I forgot who I was, or what I even thought or felt anymore...


 And over time I started to realise 3 things…

1. I’d actually spent most of my adult life trying to make sense of my life and of who I was outside of my relationships, my work, my circles.  I’d ALWAYS felt like I was getting it all wrong, pretending to know how to ‘do life’ when everybody else clearly had it much more together than me, and I was scared of being found out…and motherhood was like that, on steroids, and I felt so guilty knowing I wasn’t ‘enjoying every minute’, and it seemed like nobody else understood.

I’d spent most of my life trying to do ‘the right thing’, please the right people. Assuming that what other people wanted to hear was more important than what I had to say. That how others felt was more important than I how felt....and if I didn’t act how they thought I ‘should’ act, then I'd be too much or not enough, and I'd be rejected and abandoned.

And so instead I abandoned myself.

Only now I had a child to care for…and how could I do that when I was entirely absent from my own life?!

2. This wasn’t just about me, it wasn't just me feeling all of this. I was seeing the same patterns playing out amongst mothers all around me, in my friends and the women I was now supporting with sleep, breastfeeding and babywearing. Something bigger had to be going on for us all.

3. Nobody was coming to rescue me. Nobody but me was responsible for me, my life, my choices or my joy, EVEN amongst all of that.

And if I didn't CHOOSE to do something about it I would still be feeling all of those things when he was 9,10,18... and that was not an option and basically it had to stop.

So I began to notice all the ways I was keeping myself small and stuck. 

All the ways I'd managed to build a cage around myself that I was now trapped in. AND that it absolutely wasn't my fault, but because of everything I'd ever been taught about what it means to be a good girl or the ‘perfect’ mother. 

I set about remembHERing who I was:

Learning how to be brave enough to do things MY way and overcoming my own tendencies for overwhelm, perfectionsim, people pleasing and procrastination.

I had to find all those bits of me I’d lost or squashed...

My spark, my voice, my passion, my purpose, my courage, mySELF…and then mother the f*ck up to share them unashamedly with the world.

I became willing to slow the f*ck down:

To surrender to what is, to trust and to follow my instincts.

I learned to rewire my thinking...

Rediscover my joy, reconnect with my village, rewrite my entire motherhood experience and FINALLY make sense of my life.

So that I could become the whole, fully expressed, joyful, authentic woman and mother I am today. 

And THAT is why I created : The Motherboard

Because as mothers we’ve been set up to fail.  In a world that doesn’t understand or value us or our children, with rules that were never designed with us in mind.  

We’ve been brought up on the ‘good girl’ and the ‘perfect mother’ myth and have been led to believe that if we don’t fit it, it’s us that’s wrong.

But YOU are not wrong.

What’s wrong is the model you’ve been trying to fit into.

The model that teaches you to feel guilt, shame and not enoughness.

The model that teaches you to silence and bite down the frustration, resentment and rage you feel.

The model that says you should enjoy every minute, be happy with your lot and never want for anything more.  To toe the line, to tick all the boxes, please all the people and hold your tongue.  To power through your periods and ignore your bodily wisdom.  

The model that glorifies doing and achieving over being and feeling.

The model that separates us and encourages us to operate in a silo, away from other women and mothers.

The model that’s had you believing that you’re to blame.  That you’re broken.

The model that undervalues the mother.  That undervalues YOU…until you do too.

That model is a f*cking cage.

And The Motherboard is your KEY to unlocking it

Because the Motherboard isn’t another program that will blame and shame YOU as a problem to be fixed, or fill your already bursting to do list with 150 more ways to mend yourself and parent like Mary Poppins on 50 spoonfuls of sugar.

The Motherboard welcomes you unconditionally and without judgement as a whole, human AF woman who has been conditioned to ignore your instincts & inner knowing in favour of the outside world of experts and their books.

A woman who’s been taught that you need to spend and sacrifice all your time and energy on your children, your work and relationships, until there’s nothing left for YOU.


And it's a lot easier than you think to turn things around now

Even if life feels like a complicated, confusing sh*t show much of the time and you can’t see how on earth to pull it all apart and put it back together in a way that makes more sense… I promise that the answer is simple.

Because, in reality there are only two things keeping you in that cage:

1. Everything you’re choosing to think (because of everything you’ve been taught to believe)

2. How you’re choosing to show up and BE in your life, in your relationships and in the world as a result.

And I need you to recognise that YOU have the POWER to make different CHOICES now.  And 2 choices in particular:

1. To mother the f*ck up

2. To slow the f*ck down

These two pillars form the foundation of 
The Motherboard formula for transformation & empowerment which contains all the keys you need to unlock both that cage, and that next level version of you you’ve been longing to step into for far too long:



Because the truth is, you don’t have to believe everything you (have been taught to) think

The reason the Motherboard works is because rather than filling your head with a whole load more stuff or trying to fix YOU as a problem to be solved (you’re not) , we focus on lovingly guiding you towards UNLEARNING all the disempowering, unhelpful things you’ve been taught to believe as a woman and a mother.

 It’s time, instead, for relearning the TRUTH of who YOU are, what YOU think, what YOU are worth and what YOU need so that you can be the woman and the mother you’re here to be (AND model it for your children)… 

…in an open, shame free, non-judgemental space full of other mothers all travelling the same path.

And on multiple levels....yes head, heart, body etc but ALSO for ALL of you as a woman and a human. 

This isn't a space for just the 'mum' you, or the 'business' you...this isn't a space for all your random individual disparate parts to be siloed and separated, it's for you to come into wholeness, to bring ALL of who you are knowing that ALL of you is welcome and will be received and supported here.


The Motherboard IS both your central operating system AND your wise counsel village.

And it’s not even just about what you THINK anyway

“You can change your entire life but if you don’t upgrade the system nothing will really change”

Rebecca Campbell

It’s important to me that The Motherboard isn’t just another bunch of quick fix ‘mum hacks’, just another training program that fills your head/to-do/shopping list with yet more stuff, or just another community of women airing and sharing their dirty laundry…we actually want something to CHANGE.  In a long-lasting, meaningful way that acknowledges where you are and what's going on, across your whole system, not just in your head.

And that includes:

1. Understanding how the systems and structures we live in mould your thinking, your world view and your self worth

2. Believing in and serving you as a whole woman…we will never ask you to compartmentalise or separate bits of yourself. The Motherboard is here for you in all your guises, all parts of you are welcome here.

3. Holding you as you envision a new reality for yourself

5. Supporting you to develop the skills you need to step into that new reality

4. Facilitating your continued growth as you BECOME that higher, more empowered version of you & consciously curate the life you're here to lead 

Inside The Motherboard we journey together for 12 months (with breaks for school holidays), gathering weekly across 5 distinct types of live online meet ups giving you a potent blend of teaching, coaching, mentoring, embodiment practices and community.

Our approach is grounded in well researched models & practices such as:

- Positive Psychology

- Somatic coaching

- Bloom’s taxonomy

- Multiple Intelligences



- Neurological Levels

- Constructivism

- Humanism

We will champion you to remember who the fudge you are, rebel with you as you courageously become her, and celebrate with you - every bloomin’ step of the way.


Throughout your Motherboard journey you will learn:

M-Powerment & Majesty

To take back your power and work with your internal 'archetypes' to shift state and come into full sovereignty so you can show up as authentically as possible.



Radical responsibility for living beyond your story, shifting away from conditioned responses and realising that you have the power to make more aligned choices.


The link between thoughts, beliefs and BEhaviour. Recognising what’s yours or not and learning to rewire your thinking for a more freedom filled future.

Enjoyment, Energy, Ease

Unlearning toxic productivity, remembering that life is not supposed to feel hard and finding the courage to go out and find what feels good without guilt or shame.

Remembrance & Redesign

RemembHER who you are and, shift from 'victim' to conscious curator, rewrite your story with 'main character energy' and redesigning your life day by day accordingly.

Somatic Safety

Being supported to feel safe in your body & feel your feelings.  Learning the language of your body, listening to and heeding its wisdom.  Reintegrating body and mind as one whole system rather than two warring factions.

Listen, Lighten, Let Go

Swap pushing, striving, gripping and controlling for listening, lightening up, letting go, trusting and allowing. Recognising your voice & intuition amidst the noise & chaos of the outside world.

Open Up

Expressing rather than supressing. Being willing to get vulnerable & sit in the discomfort of discomfort AS WELL AS being open to opportunity, love & joy…because when you shut down one feeling, you shut down them all.

Witness, Wisdom, Watch

Creating space before reacting, taking back your power to CHOOSE your next move. Non-attachment & self witnessing, separating who you BE from what you do/say/think/feel & recognising projection & shadow.


As well as a wide range of live online meetups, you will also receive:

As well as having your fellow Motherboarders in a private WhatsApp space, Emma will also be present in there to coach you in the moment all day every day.

An intimate small group WhatsApp space just for the women who join The Motherboard at the same time as you for sisterhood and solidarity.

Playlists, meditations, somatic practices & more to support your journey all housed inside a private online membership portal.

The Motherboard Telegram Lounge is the best place on the internet.  We have threads for every possible eventuality to enrich your journey.

Conscious Curation

My highly effective, 6 step signature system for ‘sorting your life out’ and redesigning it YOUR way.


Your guide to living in tune with your cycles as a woman (and human!)

Tackle Sleep in 10

Sleep deprivation is the worst so I'm gifting you my comprehensive guide to holistically tackling your child's sleep.

As Well As Exclusive Offers & Invitations

As a Motherboard member you will receive exclusive invitations to access other services, products, events & 1:1 coaching at discounted prices.

 PLUS access to the epic Wisdom Vault 

Not only will  you be accessing live monthly wisdom circles from the moment you join, your Motherboard journey also includes access to the entire wisdom vault back catalogue, featuring a huge range of incredible teachings presented both by the Courage & Chamomile team (click here to read more about our resident facilitators) and a panel of carefully selected, inspirational guest teachers.  

Click here to see what treasures lie in wait for you inside the Vault.


Hey! I'm Emma

F-bomb loving, married mummy to one crazy, gorgeous, neuro-spicy wildling, positive psychology geek, teacher, squirrel lover, NLP Practitioner, Mindfulness mentor, and owner of Courage & Chamomile (purveyors of transformational coaching for mums since 2016).

I'm also an ENFP, in astrology I have my sun in Aries (fiery AF), my moon in Cancer (sensitive AF) and my rising sign is Libra (obsessed with justice and balance).  I'm also a reflector in Human Design which means I'm both incredibly rare (only 1% of the population is) AND I have an uncanny superpower of seeing what you can't see for yourself and reflecting it back in a way that makes SO much sense...a handy skill for a transformation and empowerment coach!

A few years ago, I decided to break out of the fusty, boring box of shoulds in my own mind to live life on MY terms.

So now, when I'm not flinging myself into cold rivers, dancing round my loft or hanging out in shepherds huts by the beach with my son, I'm passionate about using my signature "erm, are you actually in my head!?" coaching to empower mums like you to slow the f*ck down and mother the f*ck up! I help you to believe in and become your FULL and unapologetic self, beyond ‘mummy’ so you can enJOY rather than endure your days, kids and LIFE.


Let me ask you something:

Have you ever noticed that nothing changes unless something changes?


The patriarchal, eurocentric programming we have all been subjected to (and suppressed by) is embedded in our culture and in our collective nervous system (especially the female nervous system and that of further marginalised groups) and has been for years and years.  It affected your mother, your grandmothers and theirs before them.

And it’s affecting you.

It teaches you to value toxic productivity, that doing is better than just being, the mind/body split, the overvaluing of mind, logic and reason over intuition and body wisdom, the disconnect from our cyclical nature and so many more un-truths that have you feeling ALL the ways you and so many other mothers feel, believing it’s your fault.  

But this is all learnt.  

AND you can CHOOSE to unlearn it:


BUT until you choose to unlearn it all, you continue to perpetuate it. 

You become an active participant in it all and will pass it down to your children, who will continue to feel all the ways YOU have been feeling.

What if the call of motherhood is not to be a martyr but to be a model.  Mothers have martyred themselves in their children’s names since the beginning of time. We have lived as if she who disappears the most, loves the most. 

We have been conditioned to prove our love by slowly ceasing to exist.  If we keep passing down the legacy of martyrdom to our daughters, with whom does it end? 

Which woman ever gets to live?

Glennon Doyle


So something has to change.  And now? Even more so.   

If these last couple of years of lockdowns, violence, wars and unrest have taught us anything, it’s that the old ways aren’t working and it really is time to break from the status quo. 

The time for playing small and adhering to the old stories (our own and those foisted upon us) is abso-f*cking-lutely over.    We need a change.   And I believe fully empowered mothers are going to be the ones to lead it.  

And that, my lovely, includes YOU.


So what are you waiting for?


I’m guessing you’re here because you are so desperately ready for things to change AND that you’re no longer willing to tolerate how things have been…

So what is it you’re waiting for to make that happen?

Are you waiting for things to get better by themselves? (even though they haven’t so far).

Are you waiting for things to get worse?! How much more are you willing to tolerate? Or for how long? What are you willing to sacrifice…your health? Relationships? Mental wellbeing?

Or are you waiting for the perfect moment, when you have more time, or more money or less overwhelm?

I hate to break it to you but that time doesn’t exist…the best time to engage and invest and commit to your future was yesterday.  The second best time is now.

Are you waiting for somebody else to give you permission to put yourself first?

The Motherboard IS the permission slip you don’t even need to create a new reality for you AND your family.


And I know it might feel scary, or big, or weird or different to be even considering investing in yourself,  your growth, emotional health and wellbeing…
especially with what else is going on in the world right now.

And that’s ok. 

Because you’re right.  It IS scary, and it’s kind of supposed to feel like that.  Because it goes against all your conditioning about what you’re allowed to do and want, and THAT is precisely what we’re here to unlearn.

And it IS a big deal. 

But so are you, and you get to do it anyway, knowing how much better it will feel on the other side.

Knowing that the initial discomfort, weirdness and scary-as-f*ck-ness is worth it to finally be able to reconnect with the YOU that’s been hiding out underneath all of that for far too long.


Because you are somebody who is more committed to that higher vision of YOU than to letting your fear hold you back any longer.



Here's how it feels when you join:


Here's what you get when you join:


But that isn’t what you’re going to pay.


The exchange

See below for options to pay the standard price or to come in as a case study applicant at incentivised pricing, or to go VIP with additional 1:1 support.

(All pricing is inclusive of VAT)

Courage and Chamomile are happy to commit to sponsor one woman through Women for Women International for every 2 people joining The Motherboard at any pricing level.  In time we hope to increase this to one woman sponsored for every one woman who joins.  Thank you for joining us in supporting this mission to liberate and champion women  everywhere.


  Reach out to me on WhatsApp here if you'd like to chat first.







Pay in Full Bonus: 4 day 1:1 WhatsApp coaching with me (value £555) to really Jumpstart your journey.




£367 x 12
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Instalments on this option are:

£331x 12

£221 x 18





If you want to realise your transformation faster you can upgrade to a VIP experience.

You will get access to everything already mentioned plus...


 £7188 inc VAT

(or £599 x 12)




 If you have any other questions that aren't answered here please ping me a message on WhatsApp here and I'd be happy to help.


I can’t wait to welcome you into The Motherboard and then watch you become who you already were.