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Homeward: Unbound


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Homeward: Unbound.

Homeward : Unbound is an 8 week self study journey of self discovery designed to lift the lid on all the unconscious conditioning you’ve been receiving since you were little and open your eyes to all the ways that’s been keeping you feeling small and stuck in your own life.  This program will help you uncover your own bullshit and most importantly clear it away so you can uncover WHO you really are and WHAT you really believe, think, desire underneath all of that programming.

Week 1: Herstory…how the suppression of the feminine over thousands of years affects us today and how to use that as fuel for our fires now.

Week 2: The 4 agreements…the unwritten rules of society that we all unwittingly play by, the effect that has on us and 4 new rules to live by instead.

Week 4: Maiden, Mother, Majesty…a deep dive into the three archetypes that play out most in our martyr / victim programming, how to recognise when they’re at play, how to activate their more illuminated characteristics and how to invoke your inner majesty to rise above it all.

Week 6: Shadow work…Time to root around in the shadow bag and see what we’ve got in there that’s really holding us back, shine a light on whatever it is we’ve hidden away and learn to alchemise that shit into gold for moving forward.

Week 8: Rewriting the stories…What are the stories you’ve been telling & believing about your life so far.  What tone are they written in? From what perspective?  Time to rewrite the stories that hold us back into powerful narratives that carry us forward.  Time to be the hero of our own lives.

Week 9: Tying it all up and moving forward…what have you learnt so far and where will your journey take you next?



I’m Emma While, mummy to one crazy, gorgeous wildling, an early years & adult learning specialist, positive psychology geek, lover of squirrels, wild swimmer, NLP practitioner, mindfulness teacher and transformation & empowerment coach for mums ready for MORE.

And a few years ago I felt trapped in a life that looked amazing on the outside, but inside I was slowly wasting away.

Even though I loved my little one and my family, and was committed to my career, I KNEW deep down that there had to be more than going through the motions every day. 

But in the first few years of my son’s lives, it felt like I had become completely invisible, even to myself.

I wasn’t looking after myself, eating how I wanted to eat, doing any of the things I wanted to do, I wasn’t moving my body, drinking enough water, seeing friends, making time for my husband...nothing.

And I blamed all of it on motherhood and lack of sleep.  

Until I realised I’d actually spent about as much of my adult life as I could remember trying to work out who I was, even before motherhood.  Trying to understand mySELF outside of my relationships, my work, my circles..outside of how I work or who I love.

For as long as I could remember all I’d ever done was try to belong, to fit in. 

I morphed and squashed myself to fit in with the people around me, assuming that for some reason their version was better than my version.  That what others wanted to hear was more important than what I had to say. 

That it was safer to break my own spirit than to shatter their image of me.  To silence myself rather than offend anybody.

That if I didn’t somehow act how I think I ‘should’ act, that I’d get it wrong, I wouldn’t be good enough, I'd be rejected, abandoned.

That I’d be too much. That I wouldn’t belong.

And when I realised the extent of this bullshit cage I’d built for myself, I decided it was high time to do something about it.

And so I set about remembHERing.  Remembering who I was. 

Doing things MY way, not the way society said I had to or that the books recommended.

I had to overcome my own tendency for overwhelm.

I had to find all those bits I’d lost or squashed...my voice, my passion, my purpose, mySELF.

I became willing to trust and follow my instincts to become the whole, fully expressed, joyful, authentic woman I am today.



What People Are Saying:

These teachings were the beginning of a fantastic journey for me, they opened my eyes and made me realise how much I was holding myself back. Forever grateful to Emma and her guidance.

Kelly Rigg