Sacred Cycle Magic

“Our bodies are in constant, rhythmic change, but because so much of this is happening beneath our waking consciousness, we can feel out of control, or ‘all at sea’. When we begin to notice the pattern of these cycles, their repetitive nature, their connection to nature beyond us, we can begin to feel not like victims unprepared for the weather, but like adventurers of days gone by, who navigate by nature—the pull of the tides, the placing of the stars and the gathering storm clouds.”
― Lucy H. Pearce,  Moon Time


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For a long time now humans have become disconnected from themselves, from our own nature, from nature herself.  

We feel this severance from ourselves viscerally, emotionally. On some deep level of knowing we no longer feel whole.

As women, even more so, as we work day after day to fit ourselves into a model and systems, structures and schedules that just weren't designed for us and don't work for us.

And in this disconnection, we have forgotten who we are. 

Who we are, are cyclical beings living in a painfully linear world.

As Lucy Pearce says, "part of learning the art of being a woman is learning to honour each element of our cycles and ourselves."

And so we will.

In this year long program we are going to be reconnecting ourselves with our very cyclical nature as women as well as tuning back in to the cyclical nature of nature herself.

Anchoring ourselves into the different energies naturally present at each stage and learning how to best honour them rather than working against them and then finding ourselves either lost at sea or all washed up.

We'll be adventuring through several different types of cycle:

- Seasons & the wheel of the year

- The lunar cycle

- The menstrual cycle

- the diurnal cycle

and more.

As well as exploring how to use rhythm and ritual  to increase our sense of presence, meaning and mindfulness in a frantic, mindless world.

There will be a mixture of:

- audio trainings

- journal prompts & workbooks

- online seasonal gatherings to mark each festival around the wheel of the year

- ideas for how to celebrate/ mark each one either alone or with your family.

- lunar & astrological highlights and info

Sacred Cycle Magic will be just that, a super nourishing journey reconnecting with the sacred cycles of life to sprinkle a little more magic into our day to day lives.

I can't wait to spend the year with you.


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