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The Journal Bundle


Over the years so many of my clients have asked me to run a course on journaling because, despite reading so much about how wonderful, powerful and transformative journaling can be, they just can't seem to get the hang of it themselves.

Either they have no idea what to write, or can't find the time, or worry about getting it wrong...or something else is just getting in their way from being able to get into journaling BUT they really want to.

So, I obliged and created not one but THREE products to help...and you lucky sausage can get access to all 3 of them for just £18! 

This bundle, brand new for Lionsgate, gives you access to:

  • All the audios & prompts from inside my super successful Journal in July mini course on HOW to actually journal and what to do when you don't know what to write and SO much more
  • Journal for Joy:  30 Journal prompts to help you excavate & reactivate your JOY
  • The BRAND NEW 'Musings on Motherhood' set of journal prompts to help you rewrite your stories and expectations around what motherhood even means and what kind of a mother you are

Giving you everything you need to create and maintain a highly potent and transformative journaling practice for yourself.