3 day Block Busting 1:1 WhatsApp Coaching Intensive

If you have a specific issue that's doing your head in, or a particular pattern or behaviour you're just totally bored of getting stuck in, the 3 day intensive is for you. 

Maybe it's a conversation you need to have but just don't know how (or it's gone wrong before), or a trigger you want to let go of, or a big meeting or event coming up that you're worried about, we'll sort it together.

The 3 days tend to run Monday, Tuesday, Thursday (but we can be flexible to work around your schedule where needed) and need to be taken in one block as opposed to spread out.

Typically 'a day' runs from 9am until 3pm and then again for a few hours later on...working around school pick ups, dinner, bath and bedtimes!

This package is also a good option if you want to experience some good meaty WhatsApp coaching without or before committing longer term.

If you'd like to chat to me first before booking in just click here to open a WhatsApp convo.

Excited to chat with you and sort some of that mindf*ckery all the way out.


£444.00 GBP

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