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"Let your joy be in the journey - not in some distant goal" Tim Cook

And this is going to be one hell of a fucking journey!

Somewhere along the line life got pretty heavy and serious, right?  You swapped fun and letting your hair down for adulting and parenting.

You find yourself saying no to things that might actually be quite good fun in favour of the rules and the schedule and keeping the place tidy and blah...which quite frankly is dull as fuck.  Isn't it!?

And then you wonder "why can't I just be happy!? like wtaf is wrong with me!?" just let life have it's boring ass way with you.

Except in reality life isn't boring.  Life is supposed to be rich and juicy and joyful as just forgot to notice that part!

And I'm here to remind you. To help you look up and beyond the daily grunt to remember what the hell we're all here for in the first place.  That life is for LIVING... out loud and in full colour and with bells we can look back and say YES, I really did this thing.

But I don't want you to buy yet another book or do yet another course or whatever it is that's going to make you feel worse and suck the living bejeezus out of you.  Please god nope.

I want you to enJOY this thing.  So I'm inviting you to go on a magical mystery Joyride with me. Woop!

So here's the deal...I know you're a busy mum with no time to sit around watching lengthy videos or hanging out on zoom.  Me neither right now to be honest...and who wants to do that when there's  JOY is out there to be had.  

So really the only rule with The Joyride is that there are no rules...EXCEPT to enjoy the ride.

SO, the Joyride involves NO live meetings, NO lengthy videos to watch, NO schedule, NO set times to be somewhere, NO things to do and blah blah blah.  All these details and constrictions crush the joy out of everyday life where we want to be cultivating it.

So rather than a 'course' or a 'program', The Joyride is a magical mystery tour (yes I'm mixing my song titles).

The idea (get ready for some Roxette song lyrics) is that I share all my secrets, in a wonderful balloon...except we wouldn't all fit so I'll be doing that in a private Telegram group instead...hey we may even all end up 'magic friends' (too much with the lyrics now?)

Oh. and by secrets I mean an exciting mix of my unique take on the wonderful world of positive psychology and the science of happiness alongside my own personal practices, strategies, hints, tips, mindset bends and tools for actually embodying and applying all that stuff in real life.  Even though the kids are doing our heads in and the partner doesn't get it and there's shit loads to do and blah blah snore blah.

Everything is delivered as bite sized audio snippets into the Telegram group.  Some of them may be 12 seconds long, others 12 minutes...mostly they'll be around the 5 minute mark and designed to fit into your day.  Because joy happens in the everyday, not sat at a computer so I  record them as I go about my day and you  receive and consume them in the same manner, whenever best suits you.  No rules, remember?

The stuff I drop into the group will be like little fruity bursts of LIFE, potent, juicy, joy injections to get you up of your bum and LIVING.

There will be a mixture of teaching, wisdom drops, musings, reflections, prompts, truth bombs and ideas of things for you to try yourself.  Fresh perspectives, challenges, and CHOONS! There's a playlist, obvs.  It is FIRE!

The ONLY point of all  of this is to have fun.  To experience more joy.  To lighten up a little.  To live a little (or a lot).

I am releasing the audios (and any other surprises along the way) when the mood strikes me.

We will finish when I feel like we're complete.

I. am. going. with. the. flow...and I suggest you do the same if you want to stay open for all the joy that life has to offer.

I'm really effing excited about this and can't wait for you to get started. 

PS...the price is £888 so hop onboard now if you fancy all this goodness for an 🤯 £88

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