If you find yourself flying through your days in a daze, with one day merging into the next, wondering where on earth the time went...and what you have to show for it, pulled in a million directions with barely any time to catch your breath, then you're in the right place.

So many of us 'live' our lives like that, and I have lived so much of mine like it, and in the process life both has its way with us and passes us by.

We question and berate ourselves for not being able to get it together.

We set ridiculously unrealistic goals and high expectations for ourselves.

We give up when we slip up and we don't acknowledge or appreciate what we HAVE achieved in the process.

We're constantly confused when we feel different on different days of the month with no awareness that what we’re experiencing is perfectly natural.

This is not living.

This is surviving in a constant, imbalanced, chaotic haze, totally out of alignment with who we actually are.

What we're aiming for instead, rather than letting life have its way with us, is to consciously curate our experience. To find more of a sense of calm, presence, patience, spaciousness and balance.

Balance is a funny old thing. It's not a one and done static state, its a fluid, ever shifting state and requires ongoing management.

But the good news is it IS something you can manage, if you know how.

The point of the RISE framework is to introduce you to, and provide you with a structure to begin living in a way that both honours your cyclical nature as a human and as a woman AND that puts the reins of your life firmly back in your hands.

So that you can live mindfully, with intention and with more flow and ease.

So that you can create a more mindful, intentional and balanced motherhood.

Using the phases of the moon, or your own cycle, as a guide.

Upon purchase you will be invited to create log in details to access the membership site where you will find RISE, a series of beautiful pdf guides to working with the energies of the moon through a whole lunar cycle.

The guides include info on each phase of the moon, some info about the different moons across the year, the energies and themes of each phase and how they link with your menstrual cycle, what types of activity (or not!) each phase lends itself too, and some journal prompts.

So you can consciously curate a more balanced motherhood, one moon at a time.

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