Introducing The ReWilding Collective

Because 'doing the work' alone is lonely AF.

It’s time to break free and just be...

It’s time to break free and belong.'s time to reclaim your JOY, rekindle your fire and remember who YOU are beyond all those roles you play...


...Even if it feels like you've lived your whole life so far by somebody else's 'rules', the juggle is real right now and you haven't a clue what to do about any of it.

If you're tying to 'do the work', move through your stuff, break generational patterns, shrug off patriarchal nonsense and come home to YOU, you'll know how effing hard it can be.

Thing is, it's EVEN harder when you're trying to do it by yourself, surrounded by people who just don't get it.  Or you for that matter.

So you buy the books (sometimes you even read them), you sign up for the free courses (aaand sometimes you even complete them!), but then off you trot back to your 'real life' and none of it seems to matter how fired up, inspired & excited you'd been by what you'd learnt at the time.

Or by the time you've done bath & bedtime and blah blah blah you've forgotten what they said on the course anyway.

Which is infuriating AF isn't it!? All those good intentions and you can't even make it happen.  UGH!


So what if, instead of going round and round in circles, banging your head against a brick wall and giving up altogether with this stuff...

You had somewhere to come? A place to come and share, speak, learn, grow, fan those flames and keep those embers burning.

To learn new wisdom & gain new insights.

What if you had a place to come to put that enthusiasm, that excitement, passion.

To share your YOU, your everything?

Without worrying what anyone would think, or say, or do?

Without everyone around you immediately pissing on your bonfire and expecting you to trudge along exactly how you had been before?

What if , instead of wasting time searching & searching for those people, that community, that village, who DO get it, where you feel like you can belong...

You just joined the ReWilding Collective?

“Having a space to stay focused, feed off the energy of others and a place to keep learning and growing with likeminded people is such a great place to be. Monthly coaching calls are a beautiful place to get support and also realise you are not alone (and I always get something out of other people's coaching). Having Kajabi with all the videos to access whenever you want in whatever order that calls to you and to go back and listen again and again is a really useful tool, as each time I listen it hits different or I learn something else about myself. I love being able to buy in to further resources too if I want.”

- Ginette

The ReWilding Collective...because it takes a village to raise a mother up & out of the patriarchal cage
TAKE ME TO MY VILLAGE's time to reclaim your JOY, rekindle your fire and remember who YOU are beyond all those roles you play...


...Even if it feels like you've lived your whole life so far by somebody else's 'rules', the juggle is real right now and you haven't a clue what to do about any of it.

“The Rewilding Collective is perfect for that little bit more of Emma’s world that I found I was craving and in need of after the jumpstart. The online content is amazing - loads to access and reflect on! The Facebook group and coaching calls offer a sense of community and a place to share thoughts or off load as well as a great opportunity to connect with other mothers and reaffirm that we are not alone. There is gentle advice and coaching offered and lots to take away. It’s been a great investment, very much recommend.”

- Claire

As mothers we've been conditioned to spend our entire lives, time and energy  on our children, on our work, our relationships, until there’s nothing left for us.

We’ve been led to believe that wanting anything more, anything for US is greedy, selfish and wrong.

It’s not wrong.

What’s wrong is the model we’ve been trying to fit into.

The model that teaches us to feel guilt and shame when we don’t quite fit the ‘good girl / perfect mother’ mould.

The model that teaches us to silence the frustration, resentment and rage we feel as a result.

The model where we’re expected to enjoy every minute, to be happy with our lot and never want for anything more.  To toe the line, to tick all the boxes, please all the people and hold our tongue.  To power through our periods and ignore our bodily wisdom.  The model that glorifies doing and achieving over being and feeling.

The model that separates us and encourages us to operate in a silo, away from other women.

The model that’s had us believing that we’re to blame.  That we’re broken.

The model based on the masculine, that undervalues the mother.

This model, is a cage.

“I feel seen, energised, my feelings were normalised not vilainised. I found a place I belonged”

- Jenny

“Wow! An awakening! A thousand light bulbs going off all at once!”

- Helen

“I can’t thank you enough for all the awesomeness. This should be standard government issue for all mothers! SO helpful”

- Hannah

The ReWilding Collective exists so you no longer have to do this alone. So we can come into community and rattle that cage together so much more powerfully than any of us can alone.

It’s a space to support each other as we shed the years and years of conditioning and programming that has been keeping us small and stuck.

A space to celebrate each other as we learn and grow towards our own authentic, aligned wholeness.

A place to sustain the excitement, the passion.

A place to share the highs and the lows.

To stay focused on your own personal growth.

To feed off the collective energy.

To keep learning, and growing together.

Because when one rises, we all rise.

As part of your membership you'll receive:

  • Access to a full library of ReWilding workshops and wisdom circles on subjects such as activating your inner majesty, slaying your inner critic living in tune with your cycle and achieving balance
  • A monthly ReWilding Community Call with Emma where we will circle together as a collective to ask questions, share, be heard and held
  • Monthly Full Moon Parties where we focus on gratitude, celebration and intuitive movement.
  • An invitation to 8 Breathwork Sessions across the year to support your ReWilding Journey
  • Access to The Conscious Curation System so you can mindfully dream up the direction you’d like your life to take and then start living it
  • And weekly lunar phase prompts to help you align your plan and your dreams into reality
  • Plus a private Telegram lounge for sisterhood and sharing

“They say it takes a village to raise a family and I feel like I have found mine in the rewilding collective. A wonderful bunch of ladies who are always there with support and advice or just to cheer you on. I have found so much value in the wisdom circle replays and love the group coaching, its so reassuring to know that you are not alone with your worries and troubles. I am loving the joyful confident goddess I am becoming amongst such a warm and loving group of ladies and am excited to reach for the stars with the help of Emma and the collective.”

- Siobhan

This is the membership you’ve been waiting for.

The village you’ve been longing for.

The wisdom you’ve been yearning for

and the community you need around you to make it all actually happen.

This is a 12 month commitment to your soul, your growth, your self, your fellow sisters and like hearted mothers who absolutely understand what it is to walk this path of motherhood in today’s western, patriarchal world.

Who absolutely understand how it feels to be squashed inside the cage AND how know that now is the time to break free.

And Just Be.

Break Free,

And Belong.

The ReWilding Collective is open for you now.

You’re invited to step into the collective for a founding member’s offer:

  •  £44 / month
  • OR £444 if you pay for the year in full

Paying in full grants you two months absolutely free.

You also have the option to include access to Homeward : Unbound which contains all the core learning from inside ✨BECOME✨ (Herstory, archetypes, shadow work, the 4 agreements and rewriting the stories). These workshops are absolutely fundamental to our rewilding and are usually available for self study for £399. When you add them to your ReWilding Collective membership you will pay just £239.

If at any point during your ReWilding year you want to step up into ✨BECOME✨ we will make sure you don’t double pay and the remainder of your ReWilding year will be credited towards your Become investment.

When you join us as a founding member you will lock in this founder member rate for the duration of your membership.
This is the membership I wish I'd had.

This is the membership I’ve been dreaming of creating for years.

This is the membership you’ve been dreaming of joining for years.

Let’s rattle those cages together.

Let’s rewild ourselves home. Together.

Meet your host...

I'm Emma, mum to one crazy wildling and owner of Courage & Chamomile (purveyors of transformational coaching for mums since 2016).

Since breaking free from my own cage (of society’s expectations of me), I’ve been passionate about empowering other mums, like you, to do the same…

… to believe in and become your FULL and unapologetic self, beyond the identity of ‘mum’…

… and to consciously curate the passionate, exciting and fulfilling life you desire and deserve

… and in doing so, set a powerful example for your children.

“I want to thank you for starting me on this journey that I'm sure is leading to massive positive change in my life. If I hadn't done the Jumpstart a few months ago, it's likely I wouldn't be on this exciting path of love and growth right now.
You're an amazing, inspiring woman.”

- Steph

Stop trying to go it alone, let's go there together.

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