Hello gorgeous, welcome to Courage & Chamomile, the magical home of powerful, transformational spaces that empower mums like you to slow the f*ck down and mother the f*ck up so you can actually enJOY this thing called life.

I'm Emma While and I'm here to advocate fiercely for your right to wholeness and joy, champion you to remember who the fudge YOU are and rebel with you to courageously mother the f*ck up and BECOME her so you (and your family) can live the full, fulfilling, fun, juicy, joyful lives you both desire AND deserve.

Have a browse of our current offerings on this page where you'll find a smorgasbord of ways you can work with me at various different levels of investment and involvement.

If you'd like to explore working with me1:1 please take a look at my 1:1 coaching page or reach out to chat on WhatsApp here.


The intimate, 12 month guided journey for courageous mothers who are ready to remember who the f*ck you are, release everything you are not and live a life that lights you up (having way more fun and giving far fewer f*cks in the process)

This is an in depth 12 month journey involving high level coaching, wisdom teachings, circles, somatic practices, reflection spaces and so much more.  The circle is opened several times a year and you can find out more and apply here.

Join the Mothership

The literal MOTHER of all memberships

This invitation is for YOU if you're sick of 'doing the work' alone, you KNOW you're here to smash out of the stifling boxes you find yourself in and you LOVE the idea of working in community.

You'll have access to a whole vault of epic masterclasses and workshops as well as monthly group coaching, community spaces and more...all for £44/month.

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Cycle with us: 

We are all SO disconnected from our true nature as cyclical beings, as women.

Inside SCM we're spending a whole year journeying through the seasons and cycles of life learning how to recognise and honour each phase for a more mindful, magical, meaningful life, learning all about how to use rhythm and ritual along the way. We'll look at seasons, the lunar cycle, days of the week, the menstrual cycle and aaall sorts.

This course is already in session but you'll have a full year's access to the group so you'll get to travel a whole 12 months around the cycles no matter when you join.

£666 or 12 x £66

Take back your power

If you know you've been hanging out in the shadows of your own life far more than you'd like, and you're ready to step into your light, your power and take back the rein of your own bloody life now, this one's for you!

You're invited to journey across 9 months with me to explore, reclaim & embody the illuminated aspects of the joyful Maiden, the heartful Mother & the powerFUL Majesty starting this September, to go from totally invisible to abso-frickin-lutely INVINCIBLE.

There are also options to purchase the introductory audios for £111 or the Majesty only module OR to go VIP with addional 1:1 coaching time

Click the lion pic for more then get ready to dust off your crown...

Join the Joyride:

If more JOY is what you're after then this is for you.  The Joyride is where I'm sharing everything I know about happiness, joy and all things positive psychology.

Life isn't supposed to feel this hard, life is supposed to feel good, to be fun, to be lived out loud and in full technicolour.

The Joyride is a journey like no other.  There are no set, well, anythings really.  Just me sharing the joy and you receiving it.  We'll finish when we feel complete!

There is already a year's worth of audios & magic in here and we're still going!

Join the Joyride for just £88

Come Homeward, Unbound.

Homeward : Unbound is an 8 week self study journey of self discovery designed to lift the lid on all the unconscious conditioning you’ve been receiving since you were little and open your eyes to all the ways that’s been keeping you feeling small and stuck in your own life.  This program will help you uncover your own bullshit and most importantly clear it away so you can uncover WHO you really are and WHAT you really believe, think, desire underneath all of that programming. 

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Walk the tightope with me: 

When my mum was dying last year I realised that unless I paid extreme attention and INTENTION to keeping myself in balance, I was in severe danger of toppling right off over the edge of whatever it was I was teetering along

I could feel the overwhelm, panic, stress and rush building physically in my body and knew I had to find ways to ground, soothe, slow down and stay upright.

It just so happened that this all occurred the month of Libra, my rising sign, which is all about balance.

So I invited other mums to journey with me as I explored what balance actually is, the illusion of the tightrope, the feeling of freefall we dread if we fall off.

It's safe and entirely accurate to say that I absolutely blew everybody's minds who came along with me as we totally turned balance on its head and found a new way to navigate those times when it really feels like we're hanging on for dear life...which, let's face it, is pretty much every day as a mother.

You can access the entire course with all the recordings to keep yourself afloat right now.

Or start with something smaller:

If you're not ready to commit much time or £ at this point there are a few one off potent masterclasses and bits and bobs you can get your hands on here.

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Snappy to Happy

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