Are you here to lead like a mother?

If you're a mother with a penchant for smashing inconvenient things like moulds, repeated patterns, generational trauma, unhelpful narratives and the tiresome patriarchal status quo, then you're in the right place and I can't wait to help you realise your greatness.

I'm Emma While and I'm the go to coach for mould-breaking mothers on the verge of extraordinary growth who are ready to slow the f*ck down and mother the f*ck up so they can lead the change they know they're here to create in their home, life, work and world.

I am obsessed with watching power-house mothers finally own the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth of who they are and what they're here to do and then actually step out of the boxes, take the leap and make it happen.

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  • Maybe you feel like:

    You're right on the cusp of some serious growth and greatness but cant quite grasp the exact next step

    You're here to shake shit up and are almost ready for go time but making it happen is scary as fuck

    You have support but not at the level you want or need for this next phase of your journey

    You have so much more to give, you know you're holding back but you haven't quite found the key to unlock the rest

    Other people see a much more accomplished, awesome version of you on the outside than you're allowing yourself to feel on the inside

    You've got where you are by being strong and powering through, but don't know how to take your foot off the pedal now

    You've 'done the work' but there are STILL repeating patterns derailing your life, parenting and work

    You could be receiving more (love, wealth, support, recognition) but you're still not great at prioritising yourself and your own needs

    You're at a crucial transition or turning point, you know what to do, but can't quite get to doing it


  • And you're ready to:

    Fully own the uncomfortable truth of who you are and the inconvenient reality of the shit you're here to shake up

    Show up with as much 'you-ness' and presence in the boardroom as the bedroom as the living room

    Feel seriously uncomfortable, in order to feel seriously alive

    Disrupt the old so you can birth the new reality you can feel bubbling inside you

    Deepen into your journey and engage in more meaningful conversations that really fire you up

    Rewrite the final pieces of the story holding you back from doing the thing, saying the thing, being the woman who...

    Truly see yourself as others see you

    Master the art of simultaneously holding the multiple identities of regulated, nurturing mother; way-paving, change-making dynamo; laid back, well-rested lover and fun-loving, playful kitten

if that's you, then read on...

As the daughter of a long line of martyrs, and having watched my own incredible mother constantly silence herself, downplay her greatness and deny the impact she had on others, it's my soul mission to eradicate this kind of self censure and self erasure that's keeping some of our most powerful, influential and inspiring mothers under wraps and behind closed doors.

I coach mothers on the cusp of magic because I truly believe that the change the world so desperately needs right now will be lead (and powerfully so), by wildly-alive, radically self-led and self-expressed mothers ready and willing to take up the home, at work or in their community.  And seeing these incredible mothers be infantilised, silenced, ignored & repressed makes my bloody boil.

It's all very well and good saying "the children are our future"...but who are those children watching to show them the way? Our children don’t need us to show them how to conform to an ever dying world, they need us to build them a new one.

So many of the problems we see in the world - the wrong turns; dangerous decisions; questionable politics and irresponsible policy making - would have turned out so, SO differently if they'd been balanced with the extraordinary qualities it takes to lead like a mother:
Love, empathy, humanity, humility, community, collaboration, inclusivity, compassion, heart-led values, ferocity, unshakeable strength, resilience and the tenacity to advocate and keep advocating for what we feel, what we know to be right even when the rest of the world says no.

And the more mothers in leadership...thought leadership, self leadership, leading at work, at home, in life, love, politics, community or business... the better.

So don't you dare sit back down.  Don't you dare hold your tongue.  Don't you dare hold back.   Don't you dare give in. Don't you dare pass on that promotion.  Don't you dare walk away from your female founded business.  Don't you dare settle for any less than you absolutely deserve.

We need you.  Your children need you.  Other mothers need you.

We need to see you, being you, in all your glorious youness...even if you can't quite see the fullness of that yourself yet.

We need you to mother the fuck right up, to take that next step and lead the change you're here to see in your life, work and world.

And I'm here to help you make it happen

I'm Emma While, owner and founder of Courage & Chamomile, home of transformation and empowerment coaching for mould-breaking mums on the cusp of greatness.

I'm also a child of divorce and recovering perfectionist, people-pleasing good girl who's spent most of her life stuck in her whirring head, working hard to fit the mould, get the grades and do the right thing.  And I was VERY good at it.

But it never FELT good.

And it wasn't until I became a mother myself that I truly realised how deeply that ran. So I vowed to do something about it and bravely walked away from my high powered, highly salaried London Directorship to forge that brand new world and juicy, joyful new life for myself and my family.

And through many years of sleepless nights, neuro-spicy chaos, pandemics, world-wide turmoil and the deepest of grief and against all odds I have built a successful, pleasurable and non-conformist, 6 figure business challenging and championing other mothers to decide, disrupt and DO the thing they're hovering on the edge of doing and BE the incredible human they're SO capable of being.

If you're into knowing these things I'm an ENFP with an Aries sun, Cancer Moon and Libra rising and a 6/2 Reflector in human design (and that makes me an extremely rare, magical and super duper person to have in your corner).  I'm also extremely hilarious and ridiculously good fun to be around.


My coaching works a bit like this:

You: 🤯🥴🤔🫣😮‍💨😰🫠😶🫤🤢😵‍💫🍝 

Me: 🪞

You: 😮💡🤩🙏🏻


Or in other words, I reflect back the only piece of your mind junk that actually matters, and the one thing you just couldn't see before that unlocks the whole tangled web allowing you to extract yourself from the cages in your own mind, put down the entire brain fart and trot off on your way, ready to create waves and live your best life.

Working with me will poke at the crevices of your mind, tickle your heart and free your soul to soar to ever higher heights (and melt into ever smooshier softness).

I bring my lived experience as an awesome human and very human mother, ex-employee and biz owner along with my NLP practitioner tricks, my obsession with positive psychology and somatics my cycle and energetics wisdom and mindfulness teacher training. 

When we work together you will:

1. Be held in a space of no judgement so you can share, process and practice your next move safely

2. Uncover the stubborn and insidious programming and the unconscious scripts you're running that aren't in alignment with who you're becoming so you can release them and reprogram something new

I will champion you to remember who the fuck you are, rebel with you as you courageously become even more fully her and celebrate with you every single step of the way.

My coaching is a mixture of ‘asychronous’ which means not at a set time or in a set place…i.e. it actually fits around your life and it means we both have time to listen and process before feeding back, AND live face to face calls so I can hold you through some of the deeper processes and practices

Scroll down for options or come chat to me on WhatsApp about how I might best support you on this next stage of your journey to awesome.

I can't wait to watch you rise.


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12 months of unlimited 1:1

£11,988 or 12 x £999

If you're ready to have your juiciest, most 'you' year yet then this is for you.  Unlimited 1:1 WhatsApp conversations for a whole year plus a 60 min face to face zoom call each month.  That means I'll be right there with you IN the moments, no matter what crops up in life, motherhood, relationships, self, work or biz...bring it all!  Just imagine what we can uncover, reprogram and achieve in a whole year together...


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Fortnightly check ins for 12 months

£2222 or 12 x £222

This is for you if you want that long term support and accountability to keep you on the straight & narrow...or the fat & wiggly, whatever floats your boat. Speaking of boats, they rely on the lighthouse spinning round to shine a light on the path ahead so they can navigate safely and smoothly towards their destination without, smashing into rocks...think of it like that.


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3 day block busting intensive


If you have a specific issue that's doing your head in, or a particular pattern or behaviour you're just totally bored of getting stuck in now, the 3 day intensive is for you.  Maybe it's a conversation you need to have but just don't know how (or it's gone wrong before), or a trigger you want to let go of, or a big meeting or event coming up that you're worried about, we'll sort it together.


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One off WhatsApp day



If it's a one of quickie you fancy, I'm happy to oblige 😉

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One day per week (min. 1 month)



Not ready for a whole year but need more than a day...try a day a week for as long as you like.

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2 days per week (min. 1 month)



2 days a week is a good option if you have something a little more meaty you want to work through over time.

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4 days per week (min. 1 month)



The ultimate support package you can cancel at any time without committing to a full year.

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