Is it time for you to mother the f*ck up and s.l.o.w the f*ck down?

If life currently feels more like singlehandedly pushing water up hill in roller skates whilst juggling 5 feral cats, than lying back on a warm, sunny beach, iced drink in hand, with the waves gently lapping at your toes, read on...

I help mums like you to mother the fuck up and s.l.o.w. the fuck down, whether at home, with your children, in your relationships, at work, or in your own business, so you can actually enjoy this thing called life.

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  • Whether you need permission to sloooow all the way down to…

    Find more presence and patience with your little ones

  • STOP and rest without feeling guilty

    Feel safe to feel your feelings

    Nurture a more loving, trusting relationship with your body, yourself

    EnJOY your life, kids, self instead of rushing through enduring it


  • Or mother the f*uck all the way up to…

    Find the courage to say no when you need to and yes when you want to

  • Have the confidence to set and hold boundaries and advocate for yourself and your children

    Feel safe to ask questions, challenge when things don’t feel right and find new ways

    Allow yourself pleasure and play amongst all the busy doing

    Confront your own internal narratives and break the patterns passed down to you from generations of women and mothers past

As a neuro-spicy mother, a successful (and non-conformist) business owner, former employee, daughter of a long line of martyrs, teacher, positive psychology geek and lover of LIFE, I can support you in your parenting, relationships, work life, building your sustainable, pleasurable business AND nourishing your juicy, joyful, pleasurable SELF.

My coaching is for you as a whole person, where all parts of you are welcome and with no need to compartmentalise the various delicious bits that make up the whole of who you are.

One day you might have lost your passion for some biz stuff and need some direction.

Another, your kids might be triggering the f*ck out of you (let’s be honest, that WILL happen) and you need help regulating and connecting.

Or your partner just isn’t hearing your needs and you need help communicating.

Or maybe you have a big work meeting coming up and are shitting your pants and needs to build some confidence, or present to get through it like the badass you actually are.

Or you generally feel a bit wtaf / meh / !@*&% and need some disentangling and smoothing out.

I got you!

And unlike much of the rest of the world, I will NOT gaslight you or minimise your experiences as a mother because I understand the systemic f*ckery that suppresses, oppresses and represses women and mothers even now.

There will be no shame, no guilt and no judgement, but I will kick your arse to mother the f*ck up amongst it all nonetheless ;)

So, how does it work?  In a nutshell, like this:

You: 🤯🥴🤔🫣😮‍💨😰🫠😶🫤🤢😵‍💫🍝 

Me: 🪞

You: 😮💡🤩🙏🏻


Or in other words:, you bring your brain farts and vomit out the tangled heap of spaghetti in your mind that is currently paralysing you and filling you with all the unpleasant feels about all the things.

I receive, assimilate…

…and reflect back the only piece that actually matters, and the one thing you hadn’t actually seen before that unlocks the whole tangled web allowing you to extract yourself from the cages in your own mind, put down the entire brain fart and trot off on your way, ready to create magic and live your best life.

And we all live happily ever after.

Working with me will poke at the crevices of your mind, tickle your heart and free your soul from whatever is currently stucking you.

My coaching is informed not just by my expertise as a transformation and empowerment coach, but also by my own lived experience as a busy, recovering people pleaser, over achiever, neuro-spicy working mother who's overcome the stories in my own mind to find the freedom to do things differently, my NLP practitioner status, my obsession with positive psychology and the science of happiness, my cycle and feminine energetics wisdom and mindfulness teacher training. 

There are 4 key ingredients to coaching with me:

1. You will be held within a space of no judgement or shame so you can share, process and practice your thoughts and feelings rather than exploding them all over your nearest and dearest when the pressure finally gets too much

2. You will see the context of how you're feeling, the conditioning you've received and the stories you've been taught to believe so you can finally rewrite your story and choose something different now

3. You will understand how you're showing up and why you’re showing up this way, and be supported to choose to BE somebody different now...not because you're broken, but because you've forgotten who you really are until now

4. You will gain the insights, tools, support & guidance to do 'it' differently now, with your eyes wide open for a better, more aligned future.

I will champion you to remember who the fudge you are, rebel with you as you courageously become her and celebrate with you every bloomin step of the way.

Most of my coaching is ‘asychronous’ which means not at a set time or in a set place…i.e. itie it actually fits around busy mum life AND it means we both have time to listen and process before feeding back, rather than getting off the call realising what you actually wanted to ask.

You can choose either a single day to work something through, a 3 day intensive to bust through a particular block or gift yourself with one of my longer term support packages... and then relax in the knowledge that I've got your back.  Scroll down for options and info, or if there's another type of package or you want to add live Zoom calls into the mix, come chat to me on WhatsApp and we can build something that suits your needs.

I can't wait to be in your corner.

Sooo…are you ready to mother the f*ck up?


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12 months of unlimited 1:1

£11,988 or 12 x £999

If you're ready to have your juiciest schmooshiest year yet and access my best value coaching then this is for you.  Unlimited 1:1 WhatsApp conversations for a whole year.  That means I'll be right there with you IN the moments, no matter what crops up in life, motherhood, relationships, self or biz...bring it all!  Just imagine what we can achieve in a whole year together!


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Fortnightly check ins for 12 months

£2222 or 12 x £222

This is for you if you want that long term support to keep you on the straight & narrow...or the fat & wiggly, whatever floats your boat! Speaking of boats, they rely on the lighthouse spinning round to shine a light on the path ahead so they can navigate safely and smoothly towards their destination without, smashing into rocks...think of it like that.


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3 day block busting intensive


If you have a specific issue that's doing your head in, or a particular pattern or behaviour you're just totally bored of getting stuck in now, the 3 day intensive is for you.  Maybe it's a conversation you need to have but just don't know how (or it's gone wrong before), or a trigger you want to let go of, or a big meeting or event coming up that you're worried about, we'll sort it together.


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One off WhatsApp day



If it's a one of quickie you fancy, I'm happy to oblige 😉

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One day per week (min. 1 month)



Not ready for a whole year but need more than a day...try a day a week for as long as you like.

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2 days per week (min. 1 month)



2 days a week is a good option if you have something a little more meaty you want to work through over time.

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4 days per week (min. 1 month)



The ultimate support package you can cancel at any time without committing to a full year.

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